The Global Movement Network

We are a network of yoga teachers, artists, chefs, healers, anyone who believes in, and stands for environmental & social justice.

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Global Movement Network is a non-profit organization that acts as a trust for yoga teachers, artists & healers. ALL are welcome to contribute.

We are a decentralized funding source for strategic, direct action, environmental activists.

Retreats and events are autonomously run by people all over the world, and the collective profits generated are donated to our Network Allies through us.

We support each other with free trainings on nonviolent communication, anti-racist work, trauma-informed teaching and other skill shares.


What Matters

Global Movement Network was born out of three main things:

  1. The recognition that the slow shift matters.

  2. The recognition that the environmental crisis cannot wait for the slow shift to occur.

  3. We can bridge ourselves together to create real impact,and lift each other up in the process.


Awakening Retreat
April 19 - 21

At a time of such uncertainty, we must awaken to our deepest truth in order to understand how to move forward.  Join Charity Kahn & Diana Oppenheim for a weekend utilizing yoga, mindfulness, and other activities as tools to help us face our harsh reality, tap into our collective and individual strength, and find the clarity and courage necessary to forge a clear path.

Sacred Path Retreat
April 13 - 20th

Join Erika Ramberg for an incredible week retreat. This retreat will be about going deep. By that I mean fewer daily excursions, and more dropping in and learning to slow things down. Mornings will start with meditation and a strong asana practice. Evening practices will be more workshop-like in nature. Topics will include alignment and technique, pranayama, mantra and sanskrit, yogic philosophy, and practical applications of this philosophy as yogis in the 21st century.  

Donation Yoga Class
Sundays, 9:15- 10:15 in SF

Join Holly Urban every Sunday to support Global Movement Network. Expect a balanced class suitable for all levels. At Bend Yoga in San Francisco, CA.


Join the Network

Are you an artist, yoga teacher, or healer who wants to contribute to the network?

Are you an environmental justice activist in need of support?

Do you have general inquires about this network?

We’d love to hear from you!

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What We’ve Done

Since November, 2018 we have hosted 15 events ranging from classes to workshops to retreats to art battles!

We have collectively donated $6430 to our Network Allies.

We have supported saving thousands of baby sea turtles, animal rescue operations, coastal habitat rehabilitation and plastic removal from 20+ miles of beaches. We have supported indigenous water protectors stand their ground and get basic camp supplies to fight the Energy Transfers Pipeline in Louisiana.