Because all events and retreats under Global Movement Network are supporting environmental justice, we want to ensure that every event upholds certain ethical standards.  To join the network, your events must uphold the following principles:.


Animal agriculture is one of the deadliest industries on the planet.  It is the leading cause of deforestation.  It is responsible for over 90% of Amazon deforestation.  It is the leading cause of species extinction.  It consumes over a third of the world’s fresh water supply.  Billions of animals are subjected to pain and suffering all for the sake of profits.  Food injustice and food deserts created by the industrial food system create nutrient deficient foods for millions of people and the highly processed foods that comprise many diets worldwide now are linked to cancer, and heart disease which is the #1 killer of humans.   Because of this, every event will refuse to support the meat and dairy industry and will instead serve healthy vegan food.  

Note: You do not have to personally be vegan! However, when you hold space for others and it is in the name of inner healing and for environmental work, we ask that your retreat or event be vegan.


How to throw a vegan event.

Support (and even grants) for making your event vegan.

No Single-Use Plastics

Plastic pollution is destroying our ocean ecosystem and is one of the fastest growing facets of the oil and gas industry.   Local communities-- typically poor communities of color--bear the brunt of environmental damage as they are typically closest to oil and gas refineries and plastic manufacturing plants where toxic pollution poisons the air and water of those communities.   Plastic products make it easier to uphold a capitalist system where cheap products can be sold for profit, and it’s at the expense of the planet and the local communities living near these refineries and manufacturers.   Since plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose in the environment, every single piece of plastic that has ever been made is still in existence.  Much of this is in our ocean, on every beach on the planet and is now being found in over 660 species of aquatic marine life, killing off already endangered fish, birds and animals.   Because of this, every event will refuse to use single-use plastics and minimize plastic waste.

Note: You do not have to personally be zero waste! However, when you hold space for others and it is in the name of inner healing and for environmental work, we ask that your retreat or event strive for this.


How to throw a zero waste event guide

Zerowastechica’s blog page with so many tips <3

Non-hierarchical & Non-oppressive

We believe that all beings are equal and are committed to creating a safe space.  All people are welcome, regardless of age, class, race, ability, gender, sexual orientation.  As often as possible, scholarships and sliding-scale pricing will be available to increase accessibility.   Carpooling will be an option whenever possible.  All teachers will be trained in non-violent communication.  When hosting a retreat, all efforts to communicate with local communities will be made and their time, culture and resources will be respected. In creating a safe space, we have zero tolerance for hate speech, sexual harassment & racism.

Note: If you are white and a retreat or event leader, we DO ask you to be actively engaged in anti racist work. If you identify as a man, we ask that you ARE actively involved in intersectional-feminist work.


Layla F. Saad, free online workbook on dismantling white supremacy + podcasts

The Guerrilla Feminist, Lachrista Greco. Many links to articles and resources on radical feminism.