FAQ for Contributors

I am an artist. I care about the environment, I love this idea, but I don’t think I have the money to donate to it.

We recognize that yoga teachers and artists don't get paid very much for what they do.  If you are in the red, we don't recommend that you donate an event or retreat to our network!  Take care of yourself first!

We also recognize that a lot of times, the feeling of scarcity is taught to keep us from reaching our full potential.  If you're able to go out for coffee, to eat out at restaurants, and to treat yourself to other self care, you can probably do this. 

How much do I have to donate, and what, exactly am I donating?

To be considered a Global Network retreat or event, you are required to donate HALF or more of your profits.   You can donate one event or as many as you'd like.

There is no minimum dollar amount.  Whether you wind up making $20, or $2000 at your event doesn't matter to us. 

Profits are considered to be NET profits.  Profits = Total Income - Total Costs. 

Costs include anything you HAVE to buy for your event to be a success.  A physical space rental, a chef you need to pay, food costs, material costs. 

Don't put yourself in the red!

What if I want to donate to a cause that is not listed on the Network?

We think that's great, but the main point of this network is to maximize our impact and work together to a common cause.  Part of the power in this network is coming together and joining forces to make an impact we couldn't do on our own.   When you donate a retreat or event to the Network, you will be joining hundreds of other artists and healers toward a common cause.

To learn more about who we support, check out our Network Allies.

We encourage you to support the other organizations and causes you care about as well!