How it Works


Global Movement Network is a nonprofit organization that acts as a trust for yoga teachers, artists and healers. We are a decentralized funding pool for strategic, direct action, environmental activists.

What that means is that event and retreat organizers donate their profits to us, and we channel it to make the most impact for the urgent environmental crisis. We recognize that one event or retreat may not generate much profit, but if we all collectively channel our resources together we can have BIG impact.

To maximize our impact, we are currently partnered with two organizations, our "Network Allies":  Somi Se’k Village Base Camp & L’eau Est La Vie camp.  Our Network Allies focus on direct action on environmental and social justice issues.  They support habitat defense, endangered species protection, support indigenous rights and front line communities.  They are anti-oppressive. 

We have a third “open pool” for emergency funds. We are a place that environmental activists can come to for support for immediate action. This could include mutual aid for disaster relief efforts, houseless eviction support, animal rescue, urgent deforestation work etc.

  • Every retreat, class and event listed on this site has met our code of ethics.  At least HALF of profits received from each retreat and event will be put into a collective funding pool and from there will be allocated to our Network Allies so they can keep doing their work. 

  • Every month, we will donate whatever we have generated to our Network Allies. 40% will go to Somi Se’k Village base camp, 40% will go to L’eau Est La Vi camp and 20% will be put into our emergency fund.

  • If no emergenices come up, we will roll the funds to the next month. We commit to donating our emergency fund every three months, so that the money does not sit there “waiting for disaster to strike.” We welcome people to come forward with requests for assistance. If we have the funds, and your work meets our values, we will support you as best as we can!

  • Each retreat and event are hosted voluntarily.  They are individually and independently run and promoted as a “normal” retreat or event.  So as a teacher or event coordinator, your job does not change at all! It is super simple. It’s as easy as running things as normal, but putting the profits here versus there.

The final thing we do, is support each other as yoga teachers, artists and healers. This is a place where we can come together, slash the competitive vibe in the community and learn from each other. We will organize free skill-shares and workshops. Workshops will include anti-racist training, nonviolent communication training, how to teach and guide trauma-informed classes, vegan cooking workshops, zero waste workshops, retreat and event organizing workshops and more.