Mission & Idea

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What if yoga retreats, classes, art events and more were truly an offering to the earth? What if profits were channeled toward people on the frontlines of protecting and defending some of the most fragile ecosystems on earth?  The benefits of these retreats, classes and events would not just be of personal gain to the host and to every participant, but it would be a collective gain for the whole world. This network connects earth loving yoga teachers, artists and healers with grassroots activists. 

We believe that collectively we can raise the bar of these events, increase accessibility and combine our efforts to result in real, direct and urgent protection of the earth.  

In order to help build the future we want to be a part of, there are a few key things that need to happen:

  1. Our natural resources need to be protected, defended and restored at all cost.

  2. Our mindsets and daily behaviors need to shift away from a capitalistic and consumeristic way of thinking and behaving toward one where we embody our inter-connectedness with all beings.  

  3. Yoga teachers can work together to support each other, trade skills and stories to increase community and knowledge about how to host impactful retreats and to channel our healing work benefit the earth. 

Individually, each event host will donate at least half of their profits to Global Movement Network and we will channel all donations to our network allies who are on the frontlines of environmental justice. All yoga retreats and events will be ran autonomously, though each will meet the ethical standard laid out by the network.

As more and more yoga teachers start to host retreats and events, The Global Movement Network is a place we can come together in solidarity with earth.  Because we are taking competition and ego out of the equation, we can freely collaborate together.  We can co-host together.  We can offer better, wider, more thoughtful retreats.  We can offer our retreats to communities that may not otherwise have access.  

Most importantly, we can connect with other yoga teachers who are like minded and supportive-- all while building skills and gaining valuable experience.

Every four months, there will be an opportunity to gather in person for celebration and review the impact our pooled resources.  We will also trade skills, share stories and gain inspiration and new ideas for our future retreats and events. Together we can encourage yoga teachers, artists and healers to make a meaningful impact.