Network Allies

We are currently supporting two organizations: Somi Se’k Village Base Camp & Crawfish Revolution (formerly L’eau Est La Vie Camp.) We want to provide consistent, stable funding for these activists so they can continue their work. As we grow, we will add new organizations to who we can fund. We have a third pool of funds saved for emergency response such as mutual aid disaster relief work, animal rescue, houseless eviction support, urgent work in supporting deforestation organizing, etc . Every month, we will donate what we have to them. 40% to Somi Se’k, 40% to Crawfish Revolution, and 20% into our emergency fund. We want to offer what we can, when it is needed. If you are an activist or an organization who needs support, please reach out to us!

We support Direct Action that supports:

  • Anti-oppression

  • Environmental & Social Justice

  • Habitat Defense

  • Endangered Species Protection

  • Front-line communities

  • Indigenous rights


Somi Se’k Village Base Camp

Under the leadership of the Esto’k Gna (Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas), the Somi Se’k Village Base Camp’s mission is to populate and support a network of front Line Encampments (Wolf Pack) villages along the so called Mexican-American border, protecting indigenous sacred sites, resisting construction of the LNG (fracked gas) terminal, accompanying pipelines, and educating people about the environmental devastation the Border Wall will cause. We fight to stop the senseless endangerment of people, animals, and the environment.

Somi Se’k Village Base Camp will support and train activists to populate these villages. We operate with the understanding that the issues arising around the border-- the right to migrate, destruction of the environment and indigenous sacred sites, and the inhumane incarceration of migrant children-- are intersectional and are symptoms of centuries-long control and oppression by colonizers.

We are Natives and non-Natives, Water Protectors, students, community organizers, other collectives, working people, military veterans working under the leadership of indigenous communities. We are people of all races, genders, ethnicities, political and spiritual backgrounds, and ages. We recognize our co-dependence and understand that we are one people.

We are dedicated to non-violent and prayerful action and resistance. Protect Ahumatau Mete’l ! Protect Somi Se’k!

crawfish revolution.jpg

Crawfish Revolution

Beginning in 2017, water protectors and land defenders in so-called Louisiana came together to form L'eau Est la Vie, an indigenous led resistance camp and campaign to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. To date, hundreds of people have come through to support our camp, and collectively we were able to successfully prevent the Bayou Bridge Pipeline from completing its planned route through the camp land! 

As L'eau Est la Vie's campaign transitions to focus on a legal strategy, our camp is also experiencing a transition of its own. We're calling it a Crawfish Revolution!

Since opening camp over a year ago, we have been working with volunteers to transform the land from a former mono-crop field to a sustainable food forest with accessible accommodations for guests and volunteers. Inch by inch we have made tremendous progress restoring native plants and landscapes as well as developing accessible housing and facilities.  

The Crawfish Revolution is our transition from one vision of camp to another, shifting to focus on food sovereignty and mutual aid while maintaining its roots in indigenous knowledge and leadership.