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Where our collective funds have gone:

Since November, 2018 we have hosted over 40 events ranging from classes to workshops to retreats to art battles!

We have collectively donated $7532 to our Network Allies.

We have supported indigenous water protectors stand their ground and get basic camp supplies to fight the Energy Transfers Pipeline in Louisiana and begin to transition their camp to mutual aid efforts and food sovereignty . We have supported indigenous land protectors create tribal villages along proposed routes along the border wall, protecting sacred burial grounds and documenting the safety of all communities. These efforts protect wildlife and ecosystems, including the near extinct ocelot, from being disrupted due to over 30 environmental laws being waived from construction for the wall.


Generous Supporters

A special thank you to Emily Gallagher, a public lawyer, for donating her time and resources to get all the 501c3 status stuff on lock down. She has consistently been there for legal support in submitting what is probably too much paperwork. Plus, her dog Shadow is amazing and she cooks awesome vegan soup!!

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And a special thank you to Duncan Chueng, founder off Off Trail On Track. Duncan has provided not just amazing backpacking experiences and re-connection to wilderness trips, has been a co-guide of many of the donation-based trips that contribute to this network, but he has also generously let us use a lot of his photos for the website! Thanks, kind, awesome human!