What Matters

Global Movement Network was born out of three main principles: Recognizing that the slow shift matters, our urgent environmental crisis, & the desire to raise the bar and support fellow yoga teachers, artists and healers.

The Slow Shift

Changing Mindsets & Breaking Destructive Patterns.

In order to create a just world, we collectively need to tend to our inner work. Yoga, Art, and Healing practices can help shift mindsets from one where we are lacking something, to one where we see we are interconnected with all things.  Simple is beautiful. Less is more. We are here offering this message and steps to unpack a world that runs off exploitation and greed to one where we can all support and lift up each other.

It is a radical act to love yourself.  It is a radical act to see the world as one where we are all in it together, where we see clearly that if someone is suffering, we are suffering.   

Or western culture is based off of capitalism.  The basic principle of capitalism is that it values monetary profits over everything else.  This drives us to believe that more is better, and if we are not doing more, buying more, making more, or progressing, then we are not okay.   In this way, if we are making a profit-- even if it is at the expense of our self worth, our energy, other people or our natural resources-- it is preferable.  If the only thing we value is profit, we lose our connection to everything else around us, including our earth, and including ourselves.

Part of the work of yoga, the arts and healing practices are to remind us that we are more than our jobs, our acquisitions and what we look like.  We are not separate from nature-- we ARE nature. When we can realize that many of our thoughts are not ours, but have been carefully constructed by billions of dollars of marketing materials and generations of "status quo" business as usual, we can take ownership of our lives, our hearts and of course our actions.

If we know we ARE enough, and HAVE enough, if we are fulfilled on our own terms, capitalism crumbles.  We can stop depending on products or companies for our survival-- and realize that we are already surviving and thriving.   We can invest our time and our resources in things that truly fill our cup. We can end the cycle of relentless capitalistic greed, exhaustion and dependence.   


Environmental Justice

Urgent Action is Needed Now.

People are doing the slow healing work, but meanwhile, the Earth is dying.  We must protect our natural resources and wild spaces while they’re still here. We are supporting activists on the front lines defending clean air, clean water, and protecting endangered species.

There have been several alarming studies and statistics that reveal some very hard facts and raise some urgent concerns.   The 2018 report by the UN revealed that we have 12 years left to make the significant shifts necessary to avoid ecocide.

The earth and all its biodiversity are in trouble due to human intervention.  In the past 50 years, almost 60% of the world’s biodiversity has become extinct.  Extinction is forever.

99% of all products that are produced are not in use six months later.  

Mass production of plastics (one of the fastest growing sectors of the oil and gas companies) began only 60 years ago.  In that time we have created over 8 billion tons of plastic. Only an estimated 9% of that has been recycled.

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.  If the ocean goes, we go.

At the current rate, we lose 20 football fields of forest every minute.  The United States has only 5% of the world's population yet uses 30% of the paper.   The loss of forests contribute to 12-17% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Movement Network recognizes that there is an urgency to saving the water, the forests, the animals and biodiversity. While the slow shift is important, it is too slow for the urgency of our environmental crisis.  We recognize the importance of the direct action activists that protect our wild spaces. We are grateful for them. We need them. Many of these activists work tirelessly, every day, for very little recognition and even risk their own lives in the process.  We are able to provide financial support so they can continue their work.


Quality & Quantity

Stepping into Collective Leadership

As the volume of yoga teachers and retreats and events goes up, the quality often goes down. We will offer space to skill share and support each other as fellow artists, teachers and healers and raise the bar on our offerings. There will be anti-racist training, nonviolent communication training, practical-skill shares, and, of course, celebration through community building.

The yoga industry is a billion-dollar industry and it would be foolish to ignore the fact that, while well-intentioned, many yoga teachers can fall prey to capitalistic messages within the yoga world.   In an age where instagram stardom and marketing have more of an impact than experience in practice, it becomes easy to fall into a competitive cycle in the yoga industry.

When competing, one person tries to get ahead of the next.  It seems that we have forgotten we are all on the same team.  There is enough yoga to go around. Global Movement Network seeks to slash the competitive vibe in the yoga industry and support other teachers to do the personal work needed to anchor to truth:  That we are all connected, and that we are more than how many people come to our classes or workshops.

In doing this, we can actually uplift each other and share our experience and skills so that everyone benefits.  

One way we can do this is to offer free collective workshops where we openly share skills and learn from each other.   Organized skill shares will include anti-racist training, nonviolent communication training, exercises to unpack the capitalistic baggage we all carry.  They will also include workshops on how to organize retreats, how to cook vegan and implement zero waste practices for events, how to organize community gatherings, how to ensure yoga trainings are  trauma-informed, etc. Do you have a skill set that other teachers would benefit from? We invite you to share your skills and uplift the whole community! Thank you!